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Colony Ship

Colony Ship

Colony ships are used to colonize a new planet. They turn into a Planetary Command Center upon landing, and they carry all the necessary people and supplies to start a colony. When you send a colony ship the necessary happiness is subtracted from the planet.

You can find the necessary happiness required for your next colony in your planetary command center.  Your first colony (excluding your home planet) requires 100k happiness.

When a colony ship is sent to a planet which requires a terraforming platform and/or gas giant settlement platform, it creates a planetary command center (PCC) and the planet starts at -1 available plots.

Note: If two players send ships to the same planet, the first player will colonize and the second ship will have to turn around and head home. You do not lose the ship or associated happiness.

When you send a Colony Ship (or Space Station Hull) the current Next Colony Cost amount of happiness is deducted from the sending colony and the Next Colony Cost is multiplied by ( 2.75 - 0.01 x Growth Affinity ).  If the Colony Ship (or Space Station Hull) is killed (usually by a SAW in the same system as the target planet or a Fighter in orbit around the target planet) then you will not get the happiness cost back, but your Next Colony Cost will be divided by the multiplier (putting it back where it was before you sent the ship).

Note: When selecting a location for a new colony you should consider checking the Population by zone page.




Keywords: Observatory 5 Ships

0tsgeisel: "If a colony ship is shot down, you lose the associated happiness."
4icydee: "and if it is not shot down it appears that your happiness is restored (presumably when the colony ship reaches it's home port)."
0kiamo: "If you station some fighters around a colony, and then send in a colony ship.  Can your own fighters shoot down your colony ship?  "
0vegeta: "no"
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