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Crashed Ship Site

Crashed Ship Site

The Crashed Ship Site allows you to add 5% to each of the stats / bonuses of each of your newly built ships per level of the Crashed Ship Site. And it does this without any additional cost to your ships, by allowing you to harvest alien technology from the crashed ship.

Stats increased are: Speed, Hold Size, Stealth, and Combat

The Bonus is added (not multiplied) to all other bonuses and the sum of all bonuses is applied. For example: a level 3 crashed ship site (providing 15% to all ship related bonuses) combined with level 5 shipyard (provides 5% increase to ship speed) would result in a 20% increase to ship speed.


You can build a Crashed Ship Site by merging monazite, trona, gold, and bauxite glyphs in the Archaeology Ministry.


Keywords: Bauxite Gold Great Race Ruins Monazite Ship Buildings Trona

1zaxon: "Doesn't provide bonus to ship build speed. I don't know if that's a bug or just inaccurate info, though."
0Winton-Akagane: "It does speed up the flying speed of ships.  It does not make ship yards build ships faster, just makes the ships it does build fly faster."
0Tralala French: "Upgrades via halls. (don't take this info for granted, there are a few glyph-started buildings that don't and without information people think Tyleon does too!)"
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