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According to the DeLambert they're a very peacful trading race. They claim to be from Gas Giants and trade on the "Primitive" SST. Primarily they trade several glyphs at a time for 15-20 Essentia. Some Trade Ministry deals have gone to a 93.4 Essentia deal for several glyphs. The Del have also been buying small trades off of the SST.

Not much is known about them but some players have sent ships to them. Most Notabaly is a player attempt of 480 Sweepers and 20 Scanner force sent against they're home planet. All of them were totally knocked out. 

A colony seems to have the following buildings

*Note the exact number of spaceports does vary from one colony to another likely based on the size of the GG.  One recently viewed colony had 60 spaceports. 

Based off of this the Del may very well be the hardest AI to beat.  Exact requirements to beat them are yet unknown.  However they likely posses the ability to rebuild within a very short amount of time like the Saben and could have happiness production that exceeds the levels of the Trel
Their Capital planet has even stronger defenses than those listed above.

Keywords: AI Artificial Intelligence trade AI DeL DeLamberti

0Tralala French: "Seen it now. They sell packs of glyphs at approx 4E/glyph, and so far nothing else. Sometimes no trade appears in the SST because someone bought them all."
0Terran Empire: "Interesting
0Tralala French: "On dec 16, 2011, they gave 20 glyphs for replying to an Email from them. It was a once-per-lifetime offer. Also I never got a single one after replying."
5Lisvenachux Roytulin: "But I've gotten it...maybe if you did not reply in time? They did not mention how long the offer will last."
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