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Development Ministry

Development Ministry

The Development Ministry oversees the construction of buildings on your planet. You can monitor your build queue and subsidize the construction of buildings through the use of Essentia to build them faster. The higher the level of the building the more buildings you can have in your queue.  The number of projects that can be placed in the queue is the level of the ministry plus 1.

NOTE: The build queue is a queue, which means that the buildings in the queue build in series (one after the other), not in parallel (at the same time). Therefore if you have one building already in the queue which takes 5:00 to build, and you add another building which takes 1:30 to build, then the second building will be completed in 6:30.

5:00 + 1:30 = 6:30

Playing Tip:

Upgrading the Development Ministry beyond level 4 might not be worth the expense, depending on your play style.  Each upgrade puts a drain on your hourly resource income.  At level 4 you can have 5 buildings in your queue already.  There are no other buildings in game that are dependent on having a Development Ministry.



Keywords: Construction Buildings

0: "the queue is unaffected by the Oversight Ministry "
0fecund: "Cost to subsidize build queue, according to the page on Essentia:
subsidy = (sum of building upgrade levels) / 3
- Cost is rounded down. Example- it costs 5 Essentia to upgrade 15, 16 , or 17 levels. 18-20 levels costs 6 Essentia.
- Entire queue gets subsidized, you don't get to pick & choose a particular building upgrade to subsidize."
0Tralala French: "This ministry is extremely important if you are producing tons of ressources (or shipping in tons) and can't be in front of the game all day. It's also quite useful when your storage is about to go away (supply pod expires) to use up ressources before they're overflowing and lost."
0ore swappers: "I leveled mine to 4, then to 10 after putting down 1+4 or 1+6 glyph buildings, and never looked back since i hate losing construction times at night and even when i have level 13 buildings alot, sometimes i need to make some level 3 buildings quick such as more spaceports then it's a godsend."
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