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Distribution Center

Distribution Center

The Distribution Center is a tier 2 storage building with greater density than the regular storage buildings. You can store all 4 basic resource types in a single distribution center. You may only have 2 distribution centers per planet.


The distribution center also has the ability to reserve specific types of resources for a small amount of time. For each level of the distribution center you may reserve 100,000 resources for 2 hours. After the timer expires the resources are dumped back into normal storage. However, as this building is built up it can store massive amounts of specific resources, making it much easier to save up for a specific build type. You can also release the resources back into storage at any time, making them available for your build. 


Requires University Level 19

Playing Note: The basic concept of this building was a very sound one.  However due to the relatively high maintenance costs and the moderately high build times this building tends to see moderate to low usage amongst the higher ranking empires.  Also in general these building also do not provide enough planetary storage by themselves and you will still need a set of the basic 4 storage buildings to continue to upgrade these.  The Interdimensional Rift may also be used, but if you are going to use that building at high levels there is almost no point at all in using this building.

Keywords: Resource Buildings

1Dave Dobson: "I've tried setting aside resources in reserve, but I can't use them to build anything.  This seems totally pointless.  I thought that by using the reserve I might be able to go beyond my temporary storage limit to build something just out of reach, but that doesn't work.  Is the only point to refill my storage after I build something?  Why would that matter?"
0Drengor: "  The point of the reserve would be to hold something needed (gold, halite, uraninite) for later, and not use it when queueing something right now.   IE.  If you want to upgrade your waste storage, but NOT use up your gold doing it, reserve gold, upgrade, then unreserve gold, or let the timer expire."
4fecund: "The Distribution Center gives you more storage per unit of resources consumed & waste produced than any of the regular storage buildings. It also costs less to upgrade per unit storage, and less time to upgrade then 4 storage buildings. The playing note is misleading when it claims the distribution center has "high maintenance costs and the moderately high build times"- the maintenance costs are lower per unit stored than any level 1 storage buildings, and even on my planet with a level 12 interdimensional rift, I still need the Distribution Center!"
0Tralala French: "Distribution center maintenance costs were tweaked at some point. Currently there is no doubt they're more plot-efficient than the 4 basic storage buildings, but it's still a great pain that they don't have a 'dump' tab so we could obsolete entirely the basic 4 storage buildings by having one of those. And oh, why does it give me the option to reserve WASTE if it can't do that??"
0jcheung1: "it seems that each dist center will hold 75% of 4 regular resource storages... more efficient/plot..."
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