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Essentia is the most valuable resource in the Expanse. Empires should stop at nothing to acquire this resource.  It can be used to subsidize the construction of buildings, thus reducing the time it takes to construct them.  It can also be used to instantly transport resources by way of the Subspace Transporter.  It rarely exists naturally, and even then in only small concentrations.  

Uses For Essentia

  • Boosts that increase production/storage by 25% for 7 days for 5 essentia
  • Boosts construction speed by reducing time needed 25% for 7 days for 5 essentia.
  • Complete building construction queue instantly in the Development Ministry at a cost of (sum of building upgrade levels) / 3 essentia (currently all or nothing).
  • Complete ship building queue instantly in the Shipyard at a cost of one essentia per ship (currently all or nothing).
  • Complete a party instantly in the Park
  • Complete an Archaeology Ministry search instantly at a cost of 2 essentia.
  • Complete spy training instantly in the Intelligence Ministry
  • Trade 1:1 resources with Lacuna Expanse Corp in the Subspace Transporter at a cost of 3 essentia per transaction.
  • Trade with other players instantly across infinite distance in the Subspace Transporter at a cost of 1 essentia per transaction.
  • Push resources between your colonies instantly in the Subspace Transporter at a cost of 2 essentia per transaction.
  • Trade with other players in the Trade Ministry.
  • Complete Waste Recycling Center jobs instantly at a cost of 2 essentia per job.
  • Rename your empire in the Capitol for 0-29 essentia.
  • Restat your species for 100 essentia.
  • Increase the stats of your species through the Genetics Lab.
  • Put spies up for sale in the Mercenaries guild for 0-2.9 essentia
  • Rush completion of plans in the Space Station Lab for 2 essentia
  • Rush the cooldown on the Dillon Forge for 2 essentia
  • Vacation, after 20 days of not logging in you will lose 1 essentia every day after until you run out at which point your account will be deleted

Sources Of Essentia

  • Purchasing it in-game.
  • Essentia Vein.
  • Trade with other players.
  • Complete missions.
  • Lottery through the Entertainment District.
  • Contests.
  • Invite friends. Every university level past 5 gets you 5 essentia.
  • Write missions.
  • Become a mission curator.

Keywords: Essentia

5Tralala French: "You can also increase construction speed by 25% but that won't affect stuff already in the queue. So it's strategic to have nearly empty construction queues when you start the boost, and high level development ministry to fill it with the long to make stuff just before the boost ends. Or better yet don't let this boost end if you can afford the ressources and the essentia!! Also: all boosts last a week and buying it again before it ends gives you a one week extension."
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