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A Fighter is a defensive ship that can be used to knock out incoming attacks. It works very much like a Drone, in that it sits in your SpacePort until it detects an incoming attack, and then it launches and destroys the attacker. However, it's better than a Drone in that it usually is not destroyed in the battle. See ship to ship combat for details.

You can build a Fighter after you've built a Pilot Training Facility.

After being used in combat a fighter goes into "reset".  If the fighter is defending the body where its controlling spaceport is located, the reset time is based on traveling 2 map units (flying into space and back).  If the fighter is defending a remote body as reinforcements away from its controlling spaceport then it is sent home as its reset action.



Keywords: Ships Pilot Training Facility 1

0Derrks: "As of today (3/5/11), I'm told fighters do NOT survive combats even if they win. But Fighters have the ability to fly to other planets or asteroids under their own power. When they fly under their own power, they still take up a spot at the Starports they came from, NOT where they are defending."
0gratch: "Fighters survive if they have any combat remaining after the attack they defend against.  They will then go into reset before being able to defend against more attacks."
0David Menasce: "When they run out of combat, they are destroyed"
0Semimajorium: "But when they do not run out of combat, do they eventually get the lost combat back?"
5Semimajorium: "Sorry, eventually JT and co. will add this!"
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