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A Fissure is the result of experimenting with science beyond your ability.

If you try to use a Black Hole Generator there is a very real chance that it may explode leaving behind a vast Fissure on your planet at the same level as the original Black Hole Generator.

A Fissure contains antimatter, and thus cannot be demolished by normal means. The only known way is to pile up tonnes of ore, push them into the Fissure, then the antimatter can be neutralised. Out of the combinition of protons, neutron and electrons between them, two of them are known in the Expanse:-

  • p+ + p- ~> 2Y (E) means one positive-charged proton (normal matter) combined with one negative-charged proton (antimatter) and turn into two photons (non-charged elementary particle, a kind of particle beyond atomic level), known as bi-proton photolisation.
  • e+ + e- ~> ve (E) means one positive-charged electron (antimatter) combined with one negative-charged electron (normal matter) and turn into an electron neutrino (also a non-charged elementary particle), known as electron neutralisation.

Note that these are real antimatter properties tested.

Upon any neutralising it will require a usually huge amount of ore, proportional to your Fissure level, and then the Fissure will downgrade. A fissure can only be downgraded, one level at a time, until level one when it can finally be demolished completely.

Early reports from empires that have been affected by the Cosmic String show that as the energy ribbon passes all Black Hole Generators are converted into a Fissure of the same level.

Careful experiments indicate that at a certain level and circumstances a Fissure may attract surronding antimatter floating in space, thus become more unstable and possibly spawn 'daughter' Fissures. After the passing of the Cosmic String the Lacuna Expanse Corp updated all universities with the knowledge of how to create Fissure Containment Systems. This ensures that all new Fissures are contained as soon as they are formed. It is imperative that you closely monitor Fissures and if the Containment Equipment falls below 100% you should repair it immediately.

During the last galactic census, there were no reports of any colony having more than one Black Hole Generator. This is good news since, although the science is rather tricky, it is thought that having two Fissures on a single planet is a bad thing and having three is awful.

Lv 30 to Lv 29 15.1B ore

Lv 29 to Lv 28 8.6B ore

Lv 28 to Lv 27 4.9B ore

Lv27 to Lv 26 2.8B ore

Lv 26 to Lv 25 1.6B ore

Keywords: Fissure Black Hole Generator Fissures

0HaseoSkeith8: "Other than being an eyesore does it do anything?  Does it hold waste or anything?"
0Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Well and, how 'vast' is the fissure? 1x1? 2x2? 3x3?"
0Biz Blasinski: "@0088 - My level 30 fissure wants 15081244483 ore to downgrade one level.  Also, it's 1x1."
2Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Then, it's effects:-
Eats up ridiculous amount of ore to remove;
Occupies a place;
Duplicates if not removed, and thus more ore and place wastage;
Needs a Containment Sys. that consumes considerable amount of four resources.
That's all yet, not so bad, and even I demolished my BHG once I received the message 'Ribbon of Energy' ."
4Lisvenachux Roytulin: "The formulae I added might be too difficult for most of you but they are all true. So I guess having you know something more isn't so bad."
0dastardly1: "Damage from a fissure:
1) 10 closest inhabited planets are hit
2) Damage to each building is random, based on distance
3) 100% is max at 0 range, 50% at 50 units, and 1% at 100 units and further"
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