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A Fissure Sealer is a ship used to seal fissures on uninhabited planets.

When sent they will take ore from the sending planet to help with sealing the fissures.

The more ore, the more chance that the fissure will be sealed.  However the ore used is a fraction of what is used when a inhabited planet is sealing a fissure.  While it carries a quantity of ore with it, it also uses the kinetic impact to help with collapsing the fissure.

Still it will take multiple ships to completely seal.

Requirements: Observatory level 15



5Ysthane: "It looks just like a Telefunken U47."
0Sickidge: "... or a chrome plated pig."
0Richard Van Dijk: "How do you find one of those fissures? Do you have to check EVERY planet? That'd get tedious very fast!"
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