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Gas Giant Lab

Gas Giant Lab

The Gas Giant Lab does research on the gas giant settlement ship which deploys into a gas giant settlement platform. The gas giant settlement platform allows settlement of a gas giant. The higher the level of the gas giant lab the higher the level of the platform deployed from the gas giant settlement ship.

Note: You have to have University at Level 19 or above to be able to use a settlement ship.

In order to build a high level lab you'll need a good supply of structural minerals such as rutile, chromite, bauxite, magnetite, beryl, or goethite.

Playing tip: Do not build this building to a high level if you are going to be using the Gas Giant Settlement Ships built from this building to start the initial settlement of a Gas Giant.  For example a 13 Gas Giant Settlement Platform takes 1 day and 10 hours to deploy and produces 13,000 units of garbage once deployed.  That's a lot to handle for any starting colony to handle especially when no infastructure has even been built yet. 



Keywords: Colonization Buildings Ship Buildings

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