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Genetics Lab

Genetics Lab

The Genetics Lab allows you to graft the affinities and habitable orbits of other species on to your own species.  It also allows you to change your species name and description at no cost.

To use the Genetics Lab you must first get a prisoner from another player. And that prisoner's species must have an affinity higher than one or more of yours. You may then experiment on the prisoner attempting to graft that affinity on to your own species. You are limited to a maximum of 1 affinity point per level of your lab.

For each level of the Genetics Lab you have a 1% chance of grafting the affinity on to your own. In addition, for each Genetics Lab level the prisoner has a 3% chance of surviving the procedure so s/he can be used again. Your science affinity is added to each of these percentages, giving you up to an extra 7% chance at each. 

The maximum you can add to your species affinities is determined by your empire's highest level lab.

NOTE: This process uses 2 essentia, which you do not get back regardless of whether the experiment is successful or not.  Also any successful experiments take effect instantaniously, there is no cool down between experiment attempts so multiple experiments may be attempted in a row.

NOTE: You can get a Genetics Lab before level 20 via missions and trading.

Warning: paying 100e to redefine your species affinities will reset you at 45 affinity point total, So you would lose any points gained via the Genetics Lab.  If you plan to use Redefine Species, you probably shouldn't graft first.

You will have to log out and log back in before any changes in the affinities will appear within the web client.  However the changes have taken effect according to the server.



Keywords: Infrastructure Buildings

0kiamo: "How many genetics labs can you build?

I presume 1 per empire... and therefore, is it very expensive to level up?  This sort of info could influence where one chooses to build it.  "
0DHatt+: "You are limited to 1 per planet, not per empire. However, multiple labs do not increase your chances. Also, as experiments are instantaneous, there is no benefit to building multiple labs to run several experiments simultaneously."
4Garloo: "Once you've upgraded your affinities as high as you can, you can demolish the genetics lab."
0chavo: "That is unless you want to repeatedly rename your species or update their description :D"
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