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Getting Started

Getting Started

You may have just stumbled upon The Lacuna Expanse and are wondering it's all about.

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The Lacuna Expanse is a massively multiplayer online game where each player takes the helm of a fledgling empire. You compete against, and form alliances with, other players in a massive land grab. And you resolve your differences not with fleets of ships, but instead by fighting a cold war with espionage.

There are three phases to the game, and you can take part in one or all of them. 

The first phase is what we call the SimCity phase. Basically, it's all about designing your city on the planet surface. This is by far the easiest phase and many players are content to never leave it.

The second phase is the exploration and espionage phase. In this phase you're out scouting the planets and stars around you, and and sending spies to other player's planets to steal technology, sabotage their growth, and collect information. Spies have dozens of different skills which make them quite versatile. Along the way you'll probably make a few friends, find trading partners, and maybe even form alliances.

That brings us to the third phase, alliances. In Lacuna, alliances are far more powerful than in other games. Here, alliances build massive space stations the size of entire planets. They take control of entire star systems, form a government, and enact laws that the rest of the players under your jurisdiction must follow or face the consequences. Of course, you may not like that, at which point you and a bunch of your friends may send an army of spies to sabotage and eventually destroy the space station; and with it, take the alliance's power away!

Now that you know a little about the Expanse you'll probably want to get either the iPhone client, or log in using the web client and create your first empire. Read about species affinities and strategy guides may help you to start.

The best way to learn how to play the game is to play the in-game tutorial. You'll get an in-game message from an empire called Lacuna Expanse Corp. Read it, and do what they tell you to do. Should you get lost or confused about what to do next in the tutorial send a message to Lacuna Expanse Corp.  You'll get a message back telling you what you need to do next in the tutorial.

If along the way you have any trouble, you can post in in the Support forums, or ask in chat.  

You may also get contact information about Game Admins that are available to assist you if necessary by clicking HERE:  

Enjoy your game!


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