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Halls of Vrbansk

Halls of Vrbansk

The Halls of Vrbansk are said to be the source of the ancient wisdom of the Great Race. You can use the plans for the Halls of Vrbansk to upgrade some permanent structures.

Glyph recipesThe Halls of Vrbansk plan can be built at the Archaeology Ministry using any of the following recipes.

  1. goethite, halite, gypsum, trona
  2. gold, anthracite, uraninite, bauxite
  3. kerogen, methane, sulfur, zircon
  4. monazite, fluorite, beryl, magnetite
  5. rutile, chromite, chalcopyrite, galena


Upgrading a glyph building: At one time, before scientists fully understood the Halls of Vrbansk, it was necessary to actually build a Hall Building before a sacrifice could be made. Now the technology has been improved and you can upgrade Glyph Buildings directly (using the upgrade button).

You still need sufficient Hall plans before you can upgrade however. The number of Hall plans should equal the level of the building after you upgrade it. So, to upgrade a level 5 building you will need 6 plans.

Note. Some permanent buildings (crater, platforms, grove of trees) can no longer be upgraded via Halls (but why would you want to?).

To upgrade a permanent building with halls, click on the building, as you would any other, and click the 'upgrade' button. The correct number of hall plans will be deducted and the upgrade will be scheduled.

If you don't have enough hall plans for the upgrade, the button will not be displayed and you will have a message to that effect instead.

Note: You can only upgrade a glyph building to your University level +1.

Buildings upgraded in this manner are also limited to level 30.


Keywords: Great Race Ruins

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