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Incite Rebellion

Incite Rebellion

Incite Rebellion reduces the happiness on a planet.  Usually one of the following will occur with an attempt at this mission:

  • Failure
  • Disturbance: Causing the planet to lose about 15k happiness
  • Rebellion: This occurs with about 1 in every 6 mission attempts and will cost the planet 10% of its existing happiness.  So a planet with 1 Billion happiness would lose 100 million.  A planet at -1 Billion would also loose 100 Million and go down to -1.1 Billion.
Note: This mission is about the most effective way in dealing with planets that have lots of happiness or are seriously negative.  Planets closer to 0 Happiness are usually better hit with Scows first before making further attempts with this mission.
This mission is often used in conjuction with attempts to Incite Insurrection (aka. flip) to gain control of the planet.

If you're successful you can stop your enemies from being able to colonize other worlds.

If you use this on an ally's planet you'll likely make him/her very upset with you.

Keywords: Assignments Missions Spies Spy

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