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Intel Training Facility

Intel Training Facility

Used to train spies in the ways of gathering intelligence.


Requires University level 12.

For each level of this building, your spy will get 1 point of Intel XP each time you train them.

Length of training time is based on the level of your spy.  You can subsidize all of the training via Essentia by using the subsidize button in the Intelligence Ministry.

Keywords: Intelligence Buildings

4Semimajorium: "The wiki here is not too specific, but from my expirence (tell me if I am wrong) the trained spy will gain 1 intel per level every time it runs an intel mission (security sweep)Add-on to what I said, I don't know the details on this building yet..."
1Caprica 9: "When will these building do something???"
0Dementia: "Will these buildings train spies from across your empire, or it will it be necessary to have training facilities on every planet that you use to generate spies?
5Garloo: "Building any spy training facility won't break Isolationists protection, only Espionage ministry will do that.
Spy training buildings can only train spies on the planet where those buildings exist.  The mercinaries guild allows you to sell spies to yourself so you don't need to have spy buildings on each planet."
2Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Does it increase Intel of all your spies on the body once built/upgraded, only increase that of newly trained spies thereafter, or giving an increase with each assignment?"
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