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Every Empire in this game begins in Isolationist status, or ISO, which protects the empire for hostile actions of other empires.  Once isolanist status has been lost it cannot be regained.

Isolationist Empires cannot:

Isolationist status can be lost by:

Actions that cause you to lose Isolationist status will usually provide a warning in the web client before you complete them.

Great care should be taken before breaking Isolationist status since you will become vulnerable to most types of attacks from any empire in the game, some spy assignments are rank restricted.  Before breaking Isolationist it is recomend though not nescary to:

The above list will prepare all that you can for the defense of your planet before breaking Isolationist status.
With all of those items in place you should as soon as possible after breaking Isolationist status work on building and leveling your Munitions Lab and Espionage Ministry.  These last 2 buildings will provide the remaining key offensive and defensive buildings to defend your empire. 

Remaining ISO

Some empires prefer to remain ISO for many reasons.  Though typically an ISO empire will focus mostly on the development of 1 planet.

Development of an ISO planet will generally be very limited due to the starting planet size of 45 plots.  This limitation can be overcome.  For advanced development an ISO empire should focus very heavilly on trying to build up the Archaelogy Ministry.  This building will be key to obtaining glyphs with the use of Excavators.  Two particularly important glyph buildings to an ISO empire are the Pantheon of Hagness and the Black Hole Generator.  As these can both provide additional plots up to a maximum size of 95 plots.

(*Note: Since the time of "the storm", max planet size has increased from 60 to 70. Now the new maximum plots for an ISO is 105, instead of 95.)

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