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Jackpot planets are planets setup by players who have typically have an excess of plans usually glyph building plans that have been obtained most commonly through the use of Excavator spamming.  The idea of these colonies is to share out piles of excess plans that otherwise have little use to the owners empire, but could be of use to less developed empires.

The exact stock and conditions under which a Jackpot style planet are run are completely dependent upon the host empire's desires.  Most however will have little to no defensive forces in place.

To take advantage of a Jackpot planet you simply need to send in spies and most typically use the Appropriate Tech spy mission. 

Other missions may be allowed by the host empire.  Some missions however may be frowned upon and might be considered abuse by the host empire and could result in some kind of retaliation by the host empire.

Due to the nature of some spy missions players in the same alliance as the host empire, or players with isolationist status most likely will not be able to take advantage of a particular Jackpot planet.

List of currently available Jackpot planets:

(Jackpot planet owners, please edit this section with your information)

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