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Mining Platform

Mining Platform

The Mining Platform is deployed on an asteroid to allow mining of ore from it. It starts out as a mining platform ship, which deploys into a mining platform when it reaches an asteroid with available plots. The mining platform is then controlled by the mining ministry of the planet it was launced from.  Once deployed a Ming Platform cannot be recalled.  It can only be destroyed and a new Minining Ship can be launched to replace it.

The higher the level of the mining ministry controlling the mining platform the more ore is extracted.

Mining Platforms are a highly vulnerable but highly valuable resource of any medium to advanced empire.  There are a number of things that can either cause their destruction or to restrict their usage.

Restricted Usage

Destroying Mining Platforms
  • Launch a Detonator at the asteroid.  All Mining Platforms on the target Asteroid will be destroyed.
  • Launch a Sweeper, has the same effect as the Detonator.
  • Spy Mission, "Sabotage Resources" on the controling planet can destroy a Mining Platform.
  • Destroying your own platforms from your own controling Mining Ministry.
Defending Mining Platforms
  • Deploy Fighters at the asteroid.
  • Colonies with SAWs in the same system as the Asteroid.



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