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Mission Command

Mission Command

The Mission Command building is the place to go to see what missions are waiting to be completed in your zone. Missions are added once per hour.

The maximum number of missions available is the same as the level of your Mission Command. If you have a Level 7 Mission Command, there will be no more than 7 missions available at any given time.

Following are some factors that can result in fewer than the maximum number of missions being available:

  • The mission must be in your zone.
  • Some missions are limited based on university level. If you have too high a level you won't see them.
  • Skipping a mission makes it unavailable to you for 1 month
  • Completing a mission makes it unavailable to you to complete again for one month.
  • Other players in your area may have completed all the available missions before you see them.
  • If a mission isn't completed after 72 hours, it will be removed.
  • Targets for fleet missions are determined when the mission goes live.  The author does not target YOUR planet.  The mission parameters just asks for target type.
  • Fleet missions targets can have ships sent from any of your colonies.
  • Fleet target ships only have to arrive at their destination.  If they are shot down, it still counts for the mission.
  • New missions are added to a zone every hour.  Up to three at a time.



It should be noted that there is a mission editor provided so you can publish your own missions to be included in the game.



Q: Where do mission rewards go?

A: The mission command building automatically delivers them to your planet. 


Q: Where are mission objectives pulled from?

A: The mission command building automatically delivers them from your planet. The planet that houses the mission command.


Q: If an objective says I need a ship with a speed of 2000, does it mean exactly 2000?

A: No. Any objective means you need at least that, not exactly that. So for ships, hold size, speed, and stealth must be greater than or equal to the listed value. For plans the level must be greater than or equal to the listed value, and so on.


Q: Can I complete a mission more than once?

A: Yes, but only once per month. Missions will not come back for a month if either skipped or completed.


Q: What if I don't have enough room to store the resources that I'm given as a reward?

A: Then you lose them.

Q: What missions are worth doing?

A: that's for you to decide, but generally the lost city piece missions are worth doing if only to sell the piece for lots of Essentia. Glyphs and certain plans also if the effort is not too great.

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0Derrks: "If a mission requires that I send a certain ship to a certain planet, do I have to send the ship from the colony that houses the mission command?"
5Zarg: "Mission are like one of the most fun things in the game."
5RainbowFire: "One of my favorite non-glyph buildings."
0ore swappers: "If you skip OR succeed at a mission, the mission will become absent from all mission command centers (in all zones) for that player for 30 days (otherwise the common wisdom is a week approx). That includes city piece missions!! ALSO: If a mission requires that you send certain ships to a certain planet/star, it can be sent from any colony."
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