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Mission Editor

Mission Editor

Use this utility to generate mission files that you can submit to Lacuna Expanse Corp to be included in the game, in the Mission Command building.

Steps to install the Mission Editor:

  1. Download Adobe Air.
  2. Download the Mission Editor.
  3. Double-click the LacunaMissionEditor.air file downloaded in #2 to install the program.
  4. Complete the install process.
  5. Run the Mission Editor using the desktop shortcut or icon from your Program Menu.

Once you have created a mission file, attach it to a post in the missions forum to request it to be included in the game. For the time being, you can be paid essentia for your missions.

Also take a look at the clients and utilities page for more goodies.


Multi-part Missions

Did you know you can create multi-part missions? It's very easy. Simply keep the same filename, but change the file extension from ".mission" to ".part2", ".part3", etc. So if the start of your mission is "gun-runners.mission", then the second part would be "gun-runners.part2", etc.

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