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Munitions Lab

Munitions Lab

The Munitions Lab allows for the construction of robotic war ships. Warfare is hard to do in the vast reaches of space, so it's often simpler to install a spy on an enemy planet and have him run missions. Spies are relatively inexpensive, and you can use them over and over, whereas robotic war ships last for exactly one attack. However, war ships are pretty much guaranteed to be effective, whereas a spy can fail.

After building the Munitions Lab, you'll be able to build:

For each level of the munitions lab, you increase the combat rating of all new ships by 5%, and its cost by 3%.

In order to produce weapons of destruction you will need a good supply of reactive minerals such as uraninite or monazite.



Keywords: Ship Buildings

0Argos: "Prior to 14 Jan 2011 this building required a much higher level university."
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