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Network 19 Affiliate

Network 19 Affiliate

The Network 19 Affiliate is your empire's source for up to the minute news in your region of the Expanse.  Get updates on what other empire's are doing and what you'd prefer they weren't doing.  The Network 19 feed can be manipulated through the use of of espionage and political policy.  Well informed people are happy people so the network also produces happiness.  The higher the building level the more of the expanse you can get news from and the more happiness is produced.   Also if you use the option to restrict media the happiness normally generated by this building is instead subtracted.




Network 19 produces RSS feeds for each region (known as zones) it serves. These RSS feeds (rss.png) can be used by any RSS Feed Reader, so you can stay on top of the news even when you're not logged in to the game.

RSS Feeds

  • 0,0
  • 0|1
  • 0|-1
  • 0|2
  • -1,0
  • -1,1
  • -1,2
  • -1,4
  • -1,5
  • -3,-5

News Story Meaning

Network 19 is one of the most useful buildings in the game. It should be the center of your strategy when you start to branch out into the Expanse. However, making sense of the news stories is like a mini game in and of itself.

Each story has significance and meaning, it's just a matter of deciphering that meaning. If you figure out what a story means, post it here so that others can learn the mystical powers of the all knowing mean Network 19.

Unveiling Ceremonies

You'll see something that reads "In a ____ ceremony, Some Empire unveiled it's newly augmented University. The blank is the significant part, because it tells you what level the building is. Here's what we know so far:

  • quiet = 5
  • extravagant = 10
  • lavish = 15
  • magnificent = 20
  • historic = 25
  • magical = 30



There are several messages about thieves, and they all appear to be related to the Appropriate Technology spy assignment. For example:

"Some Empire announced the incarceration of a thief on Some Planet today." This means that one or more spies on Some Planet tried to steal something, but were captured in the process. From that you can infer that there are some spies on the planet set to Counter Espionage, and that they are more skilled than the thieves. So if you're going to go there, make sure you have many well trained spies of your own.


"____ is the ultimate power in expanse right now. It is unlikely to be challenged anytime soon." Statements like this can be seen when spies are successfully hacking the Network 19! news feeds to other systems.

Counter Propagande

"An outbreak of the Dultobou virus was announced on ______ today. Citizens are encouraged to stay home from work and school." Statements like this can have negative happiness accure, often made by a foreign spy on planet hacking Network 19


Explosions on planets are a good bet there's a saboteur running about.  Saboteurs can cause the explosions of ships in the space port or the destruction of buildings.  In either case, the empire being sabotaged better get some defensive spies.


"Several people reported seeing a UFO in the ______ sky today."

This message has been linked to Scanner drones taking photos of your planet. It may, however, refer to something else in the sky in well.

An amateur astronomer witnessed an explosion in the sky today over _________.

This message is usually seen when a planets defenses shoot down an incoming ship.

Offensive Ships

"A quake measuring 4.6 on the seismic magnitude scale just struck ." planet got hit by a thud

Other Messages

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