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Neutral Zone

Neutral Zone

The Neutral Zone is -3|0, bounded by -1000 to -750 , -250 to 250.

AIs have been programmed not to attack into the zone. Unless you attack them first! That includes spy missions!

Currently, the players enforce the policy of no attacking either from or into the NZ. (while not originally stated, it's implied you can't attack AIs from the NZ either, and players would attack you for that at least SOME would if you attack AIs consistently)

The Neutral Zone has now been coded so that:

  • No AI is doing the enforcement.
  • Spies from the NZ or in the NZ can not attack.
  • Combat ships can not be sent at targets to or from the Zone.
  • Space Stations can not seize stars in the NZ or from the NZ. (Currently there are some seized, but those will be removed soon.)
  • Defenses inside the zone will not activate.  So SAWs and fighters will not shoot down excavators, colony ships, etc...
  • Note, spies can still be sent, so they could be sent to another player for capture, etc...  And you could send spies to a Trel planet, who still can attack you for trespass for now...
  • There is no restriction on building.
  • Detonating stars is still possible, but highly frowned on. They can't be sent at Asteroids or Habitables though, so platforms and excavators are safe.

The description of the NZ, when first announced:

"First, we are announcing the formation of a "neutral zone". This will be zone -3|0. It will be free of all hostile AIs, now and forever. In addition, it will be declared peaceful, for people who wish to build and trade in without fear of combat. Initially the peace will be enforced by the players who call that zone home. However, if they are unable to enforce their own peace, a benevolent protector AI will be placed in the zone, and will automatically and forcefully attack anyone who sends hostile ships at planets in the zone. So if you are interested in playing a more peaceful version of Lacuna, then start your next colony in -3|0."

  • What are the policies?
To sum up what's written above, no aggression allowed!  That includes any destrective acts against another empires colonies, space stations, mining platforms or excavators; spying (including sending scanners or surveyors to inhabitated planets inside or outside the zone).  Probes are ok though.                            
  • Who is present in the zone?
Any empire can establish colonies in the zone.  Currently there is only one known AI inhabited system in the zone; a DeLambert colony.    
  • Can I have colonies both in and out of the zone?
Yes. Several empires already do. Some have established their capitol planet inside the zone.  You could establish all you colonies in the zone if you wish.
  • I started out outside the neutral zone.  Can I relocate?
Yes.  Send some probes into the neutral zone and find a suitable planet to colonize. Send a colony ship to that planet. Once that colony is established, if you no longer wish to keep your colony outside the zone, you can abandon it through the planetary command center.
Space stations can be built in the zone.  
Yes, you can trade with any empire inside or outside the zone.
  • Can I help fellow alliance members or other empires?
Yes.  Any supportive help is allowed, as long as you're not taking part in any aggressive acts yourself.  However, any colonies you have outside the zone can participate directly in combat (and be attacked in turn).  One strategy would be to set up a colony inside the zone and use it to support a colony outide the zone.

Keywords: Safe Neutral -3|0

0Tralala French: "AIs have been programmed not to attack into the zone UNLESS YOU ATTACK THEM. And that includes sending your NZ-born spies offworld with smuggler ships for training, then because the send spy planet tab doesn't differentiate them send them to attack by error, and because you've got 600 spies on jackpot planet you kinda steal plans automatically without looking. ALSO: prisonners exchanges involving NZ-born spies are forbidden (and I assume, also transiting your gene lab fodder spies thru the NZ before sending)."
0Tralala French: "Myopic and error prone people are suggested not to build spy buildings at all in the NZ, to prevent silly errors."
0Garloo: "Does anyone know if I could send a spy from within the neutral zone to an alliance members planet to do counter espionage and/or a Security sweep?"
0The Vasari: "I think you could, Counter Esp and Security Sweep are not offensive missions to my knowledge."
0Lisvenachux Roytulin: "What exactly means by 'there is no restriction on building' ?"
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