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The Observatory allows the construction of probes and colony ships at the shipyard.  It also provides a list of all your active probes and the stars they are observing.  A higher building level allows more probes to be constructed.  You may only have one Observatory on a planet.

You can manage three probes per level of observatory. Also, your probe data is shared with the other members of your alliance. So if you form an alliance, you can create a vast network of probes that will allow you to see a large portion of the Expanse.

You will get one starter probe at your home star when you start even tho you don't have an observatory --- this is a normal probe and it can be destroyed by normal means (such as having an observatory for it and then losing it, abandoning the probe, spy actions, or detonators).

Observatories at level 15 allow making fissure sealers, to fix those otherwise planet-destroying monstrosities of not having said "what's the worse that can happen anyhow?" when playing with black hole generators.



Keywords: Ship Buildings Intelligence Buildings Colonization Buildings

0Argos: "When your empire is created you get a free probe at your star system, even though you have no observatory. Later when you build your observatory, it has three slots (per level) for probes but one of them is already occupied by the probe at your home system. From that point on, your starting probe acts just like any other probe and if you destroy the observatory your starting probe also vanishes."
4Garloo: "Probes can be destroyed via Spies, Detonators, User abandon, or demolishing the Observatory."
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