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Ore Refinery

Ore Refinery

The Ore Refinery increases the amount of ore extracted from some terrestrial ore producing structures by purifying the ore. The higher the refinery level the higher the purification process and even greater amounts of ore are extracted from the mine. You get 5% more ore out of everything that produces ore on your planet, per level of the refinery. So if you have 3 mines, and your ore refinery was level 2, you'd get a 10% ore increase out of each of the mines. The refinery does not affect ore output from mining platforms.

The Ore Refinery affects the following buildings' ore production:

The ore refinery requires sufficient amounts of either sulfur or fluorite being produced in order to process ore.



  • Mine Lvl 5
  • Source of sulfur fluoride (sulfur, fluorite)

Keywords: Ore Buildings

0Derrks: "Can anyone confirm that the Ore Refinery DOESN'T boost production from Waste Digesters?"
0Dilgren: "It doesn't. Digesters have the same output on planets with or without refinery."
0Harlinator: "The ore_hour numbers returned from get_stats_for_level for volcanos, mines and PPCs are adjusted for Ore Refinery levels.  You may want to normalize these numbers if you cache the output from get_stats_for_level."
0Harlinator: "Ore refinery affects ore output of LCoT as well."
0Dwarven Ire: "Ore refinery does indeed affect mining platform production.  This used to not be the case.
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