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Oversight Ministry

Oversight Ministry

The Oversight Ministry reduces the amount of time buildings take to upgrade through better project management. All buildings will be built/upgraded 3% faster per level of the Oversight Ministry. Like most building except the university and genetics lab, the effect only takes place on the planet which the Oversight Ministry is built on.



Keywords: Construction Buildings

2: "This doesn't seem to effect the Developments ministry's que timer."
0Blacksilver: "I think the benefit of the Oversight Ministry is taken into account when the initial timer is set. It would be an interesting test to note the upgrade time for a building, then upgrade the Oversight Ministry three levels, and see if there is a difference in the time for the upgrade. It should be almost 10% less time.
4Rogue Feline: "This is possibly the second most important building you can have. And yes, the timer is set when construction starts, and is not affected if the Oversight Ministry is upgrading during that time."
0Tralala French: "The timer is set when a build order is added to the queue --- and can't be modified by anything good or bad after that. I never tested if stuff builds +3% faster per level (190% build speed at level 30) or gets a 3% discount per level (10% build times at level 30) because mine is too low level."
0Harlinator: "The 'time' upgrade cost that is returned from get_stats_for_level API takes the OM's level into account.  You will most likely want to normalize this value if you intend to cache it for later use:  newTime = curTime / (1 - (.03 * OMlevel)) where OMlevel is zero if the planet does not have one.
Each level of the OM subtracts 3% from the 'absolute build time' which is what I refer to as the time it would take to build if there were no OM on the planet.  So, with an OM at level 30, the build time is 10x the absolute build time.
To validate this, I used the get_stats_for_level API to grab the upgrade time for a L10 Development Ministry on 2 different planets: one with L9 OM and one with L7 OM.  The L9 planet gave an upgrade time of 27769s and the L7 planet gave an upgrade time of 30052s.  If I plug these numbers into the equation above:
L9 -> 27769/(1-(.03*9)) = 38040
L7 -> 30052/(1-(.03*7)) = 38040
Since they are equal, you can conclude that the absolute build time of a L10 Dev Min is 38040s.

These numbers are *ONLY* valid for a specific set of species affinities.  If your affinities change, then you will need to recapture the get_stats_for_level data and recalculate the absolute build times.

4rwp80: "So, long story cut short:
The OM cuts down build time by 3% per OM level.

I advise changing the description to that because "faster" is vague, as discussed in the previous comments."
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