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Pantheon of Hagness

Pantheon of Hagness

Investigation said The Pantheon of Hagness was a temple, which can move through subspace to anywhere on a planet, for The Great Race to rest under special power, refill their backpacks and refine their exploration power on the planet.

Today, the resource generating power is lost, but it has the ability to generate a field that alters space. Though it won't increase the size of the planet it is attached to, it can increase the number of plots available on the planet. One extra plot for every level of the Pantheon.

Note: You will still need Gas Giant Platforms or Terraforming Platforms if you are on a gas giant or planet outside your orbit.


The Pantheon of Hagness was left behind by the Great Race, and therefore cannot be built through the normal tech tree. However, using the Archaeology Ministry you can build one by combining gypsum, trona, beryl, and anthracite glyphs.


Playing Note: This building is rarely upgraded beyond the low levels.  Most players consider the costs of upgrading this building not worth it when they can colonize Gas Giants instead. 

Keywords: Anthracite Beryl Great Race Ruins Gypsum Trona

0rivkin: "What happens if you demolish your Pantheon?  Do you lose the extra plots?"
0Plutus Mammon: "@rivkin, Yes you would, but you can't demolish if those plots are in use though."
0CrayonEraser: "@rivkin, yes you lose the plots, but you can demolish whether or not they are in use.  the total for the planet goes negative and you won't be able to build anything new."
2Cody Miller: "You can also lose the plots if the pantheon gets damaged. For example, if its was at 0% efficiency, then you would lose all of your plots. And 50% efficiency you'd lose half of those plots. Make sure if your Pantheon gets damaged, repair it immediately, because when you have negative plots you begin to lose happiness which in turn slows your growth."
2Lisvenachux Roytulin: "The playing tip isn't true, at least not for Permanent Isolationists like me"
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