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The Park is a place for your people to gather and enjoy nature or hold large scale public events.  The Park allows you to throw parties for your citizens to increase their happiness.  The more varieties of foods you bring to the party the more happiness is produced. Increasing the level of the park also increases the happiness produced by parties, but not nearly as much as extra food types do.

Quoting JT from the forum: "This is an oversimplification of the formula, but the happiness produced by a party of a level one park is 3000 times the number of food types that you have available in quantities of 500 or more. So if you have 4 food types, then the party would be worth 12,000 happiness. If you had 6 it would be 18,000, and so on."



Keywords: Happiness Buildings

3Gareth Schakel: "what is the rough factor of increase for higher lvl parks (like as shown)"
3Heath McClanahan: "With Political at 2, and 5 food types:
level: happy
7: 25560
8: 26640
9: 27720"
2Heath McClanahan: "After a bit more math and research, it looks like at Political 3, park 9 and 6 food types, Entertainment district and Parks have about the same happiness/hr and about the same resource consumed/hr. This assumes the park is running 24/7.
Pretty much only good if you need to spend food rather than waste it, I guess."
0Dilgren: "30,240 happiness with lvl 8 park, political 2 and _6_ food types."
0Tralala French: "The only reason to ever make a park (as it's obsolete QUICK) is when build times on your planet are astronomical due to unhappiness. Then making several level 1 parks and just dumping astronomic quantities of food on 'em is faster (parties DON'T get slowed by unhappiness) than building anything else. Parks are crudely equivalent to building colony ships solely to spend food and receive the happiness bonus (but then you don't have a colony ship for sale after that...)."
0Tralala French: "The math in the wiki is whoefully wrong, and the numbers are totally something you'd need a calculator for. Why did the party use 411 units of milk, but 738 units of beetle, when both started at 1000 before the party??? There is NO WAY this comes in discrete 500 units."
0Derrks: "Park Lvl 9, Political 6, 22 types of food: 118,560 happiness. If I can keep that running constantly, it's 9,880/hr. Add the 213/hr it produces automatically: 10,093/hr. OK, to be fair, I probably can't keep it up 100% of the time, but I can get close.

Lvl 9 Ent Dist: 2,452/hr -- MUCH less. Lvl 9 Lux Housing: 12,260 happiness / hour -- a bit more, but I already have two Lux Housing. I can't build a 3rd one.

-- Derrks (Currently "The People")"
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