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Parliament is where laws are created for the star systems controlled by a Space Station.

Laws need int((member count + 1) / 2) to fail or pass. Example: an alliance with 30 members would require 16 votes to pass.  An alliance with 1-2 members would require all members to vote.

The Laws will pass automatically in 72 hours.

A message will be sent to all players with planets that fall under the control of a station from the leader of the Station's alliance notifying them of any changes in the laws of the Space Station.

Higher levels of Parliament are needed to propose various types of Laws:

Level Type of Law Other Information
1 / Free on a starting Station (might be needed for upgrade/build module)
2 Drop module Destroys a module on the station or removes a dent from the station.
3 Rename Station
4 Propose Writ A law that is text only.  The enforcement of it is up to the players.
5 Repeal Writ Get rid of the laws from Level 4
6 Transfer Station Give the station ownership to another alliance member
7 Seize Star Bring a star under the station's control (Range=10 Units per level of Interstellar Broadcast System)
8 Rename Star Rename a star you control from Level 7
9 Text on N19 Post anything on Network 19
10 Induct Member Induct a new member into the alliance. Once passed, an alliance invitation will be sent.
10 Expel Member Expel a member from the alliance. Once passed, the member will be removed from the alliance.
11 Elect Leader Elect a new leader of the alliance.
12 Rename Asteroid Rename an asteroid that is around a star from Level 7
13 Ally only mining Only allow allies to deploy new mining platforms on an asteroid around a star from Level 7
14 Evict mining platform Blow up a mining platform on an asteroid around a star from Level 7
15 Propose Taxation Imposes a tax on all empires under the jurisdiction of the space station. Note: This option cannot currently be proposed in the webUI.  There is a method of seeing who has paid taxes but not a method of paying them.
16 Send Foreign Aid Sends a foreign aid package to a planet in the jurisdiction of the station. The foreign aid is sent via supply pod.
17 Rename Planet Rename an uninhabited planet that is around a star from Level 7
18 Members Only Colonization

If passed, only members of the alliance would be able to set up new colonies on planets in this station's jurisdiction.

New empires will not spawn in systems that this proposition is in effect on.

Black Hole Generators cannot be used by non-alliance members to move planets into or out of systems with this proposition in effect.

20 Members only Excavators Only members of the alliance may send excavators to planets or Asteroids within controled systems.  
25 Fire the BFG

Sends The Big Friendly Giant to a planet so he can explain frobscottle and whizzpoppers to the natives. (It is mildly possible that this is instead a reference to Doom and the BFG is a very large deadly gun that will destroy the planet it hits.)

BFG works the same as Solar Flare "sets all the non-resource buildings on a planet to zero efficiency." It also works on Isolationist empires.  The star however must be under control of the station.

Can't be fired at asteroids.

Does nothing when fired at uninhabited planets.

Note: This option is not currently proposeable via the webui.

Note: Plans greater of level 24 and greater are offered via mission in the Mission Command due to their extreme high costs.  Station plans also require equal amounts of every single resource to be able to build them.  



Keywords: Space Station Modules

1Lisvenachux Roytulin: "It does not make sense at all to have the propositions passed automatically. They should be thrown out after 72 hours.
A proposition to edit a writ would be nice as well."
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