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Pilot Training Facility

Pilot Training Facility

The Pilot Training Facility increases the speed (3% per level), combat (3% per level) and stealth (3% per level) of the piloted ships you build at the shipyard. Existing ships are not retrofitted, they will need to be scuttled and rebuilt.  Piloted ships affected by this increase will have a slightly increased cost to build.

  You may only have one Pilot Training Facility on a planet.

Piloted ships include: Barge, Cargo Ship, Colony Ship, Dory, Fighter, Freighter, Galleon, Gas Giant Settlement Ship, Hulk, Mining Platform Ship, Short Range Colony Ship, Smuggler Ship, Space Station Hull, Spy Pod, Spy Shuttle, Sweeper, and Terraforming Platform Ship.

In order to produce high ranking pilots you will need a good supply of gold for adorning uniforms.

It allows for the construction of the Fighter.



Keywords: Ship Buildings

3The Vasari: "How much gold per level?"
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