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Planetary Command Center

Planetary Command Center

The planetary command center (PCC) houses the central government for your empire.  This is your "flag in the ground" that lets everyone know you've staked your claim to a planet. It provides some basic resources and and storage for those resources both of which increase with the level of this building.  The planetary command center also provides some critical reports on your planetary activities such as total resource production and total resource storage for the planet it's constructed on.  It's one of the most versatile buildings in the game, but it's also very expensive to upgrade.

You can't demolish a PCC because it is a requirement of a having a colony.

The PCC's starting level will be set to whatever your growth affinity is set to. For example, humans have a growth affinity of 4, which means the human PCC will start at level 4 for every planet they colonize.

The PCC will only generate the Algae food type.

You can also view what Plans you have available

The PCC is not restricted to level 15 as the max level without a stockpile as most other resource generating buildings are. 

The PCC is also the key requirement for construction of Supply Pods



Playing Tips: While after a time it may not seem worthwhile to upgrade this building due to relatively high costs and long build times it actualy does turn out to be worth while.  The extra production this building produces can add additional upgrade ability to a colony that might already be maxed out using regular buildings since it is not level capped as other resource producers are.

Keywords: Colonization Buildings Energy Buildings Food Buildings Ore Buildings PCC Plans Storage Buildings Water Buildings

0Tralala French: "At level 1 PPC storage capacity is 700 + 4% per relevant affinity point for each of the 4 resources (it doesn't store waste). This is more storage total per plot and per ressource spent than any basic storage building or combo thereof, will not cap at 15/25 despite being a ressource building, AND produces decent ressources instead of draining them a little. However if you have a rift or some other overkill source of storage --- then a PCC is just an over-expensive way to get ressources compared to everything else."
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