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A ravine is formed during movements of the planet's plates. It is too hot down there so it can only act as a natural waste sequestration well, which can store up to 100,000 waste at its first level.


You can build a ravine at the Archaeology Ministry by combining zircon, methane, galena, and fluorite glyphs.


Keywords: Fluorite Galena Methane Natural Resources Zircon

0Tralala French: "Upgrades via halls. Starts at around 104000 waste storage."
0o.c.d.: "I colonised a planet and had a ravine Lvl 1. It has 120k waste storage."
0Darklord: "it also depends on affinities"
0Richard Van Dijk: "How much does it hold at level 30?"
0rammo: "Max hold is 50.618.663.919 (50,6 B) with level 7 on Environmental"
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