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Security Ministry

Security Ministry

The Security Ministry increases the effectiveness of your defensive spies.  The higher the building level the more training your spies receive. It is also required to build defensive drone ships.

The security ministry also helps to defend your planet from foreign spies by intercepting the ships carrying them. The higher the level the better the chance to intercept.  The formula for determining whether or not the security ministry will intercept incoming ships filled with spies is:

  • security check = security ministry level X 700 X efficiency percentage
  • arrest the spies if security check > ship stealth
  • The Security Check is not triggered if the spies come from an ally (Your empire will never arrest alliance spies on landing/pickup)

Ships intercepted are destroyed.

In addition, the security ministry will show you any foreign spies that are on your planet that have a level equal to or below the level of the ministry. It also allows you to manage your prisoners; you can view, release, or execute them.

Because of its oppresive nature the security ministry drains happiness from your planet.



Keywords: Intelligence Buildings SecMin Spies

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