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Ship To Ship Combat

Ship To Ship Combat

Two ships engage in ship to ship combat when one ship arrives at a planet where defensive ships (drone, fighter, sweeper) are docked.

The combat rating (introduced in 2.4000) of a ship is a ship's effectiveness at destroying another ship, as well as it's ability to resist being destroyed itself. When two ships engage, the combat of the opposing ship is subtracted from the combat of this ship. If either ship is reduced to 0 or below, it is destroyed. If either ship still has combat remaining, then it may continue on to the next battle, or complete its mission depending on the type of ship.

The combat rating of a ship can be increased by the crashed ship site, the munitions lab, and both the deception and science affinities.

Example Combat Scenario

Defender has two drones (7000 combat each) and one fighter (4000 combat). Attacker has 5 snarks (2000 combat each), and let's say they are spaced out a few minutes apart. 

As the first snark approaches, it is immediately destroyed by a drone. This leaves the drone with 5000 combat, however, the way drones deliver their 7000 combat is by crashing into their opponent, therefore the drone is destroyed as well.

The fighter then engages the second snark and destroys it. The fighter is left with 2000 combat. But it needs to reset to fight again, so it does that. 

The second drone takes out the third snark.

The fourth snark gets through because there are no more defenders remaining.

However, the fifth snark gets taken out by the fighter, because the fighter has run through its reset time. Unfortunately, the fighter has depleted its combat taking out the snark and is therefore destroyed.


The order of attack for the defending ships is random. Sometimes the fighters may go first, sometimes the drones. You just never know.

If a fighter doesn't have enough combat remaining to take out an attacker, then a second fighter or drone may engage to finish the job.

If an attacker gets through all the defenders with even 1 combat remaining, then it will carry out its mission. In the case of a snark, that would be to damage a building.

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