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Ships are used for all kinds of purposes when you need to do something in space. You can colonize new worlds, harvest resources, and explore the expanse.

See Fleet Actions for major upcoming changes regarding ships.

You build your ships in the Shipyard, and control them through the Space Port and the star map. However, you'll need lots of different prerequisite buildings to build each ship type.

Unless stated otherwise in their descriptions, all ships in Lacuna are one use ships, with the exception of the various cargo hauling ships (Dory, Cargo Ship, Freighter, Hulk, Barge, Galleon, Scow, Sweeper, Fighter, and Smuggler Ship). What that means is that once you use it, it is used forever. And you'll need to build another one if you have another purpose for it.  Note: Scows used for attack do instead become a single use ship.

Ships all having the following attribuites:

  • Speed - How fast your ship moves
  • Berth Level - The level of the Spaceport needed to be able to launch the ship from the host planet.
  • Hold Size - The maximum amount of Cargo a ship can carry.
  • Max Occupants - The maximum number of spies a ship can carry.
  • Combat - The combat rating of the ship, see Ship to Ship Combat
  • Stealth - This keeps the target planet from knowing what kind of ship has been sent and the origin, the quantity of ships though is still known.  Note: for combat ships the target player will recieve a message letting them know who attacked them after the ship hits.
The attributes of ships are effected by a number of factors.
The following list of buildings can increase the base stats of different ships.
The following affinities can also effect ship stats:
  • Deception
  • Management
  • Science
See ship attributes for the base attributes of ships.


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