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The Shipyard is where the construction of your empire's ships takes place.  The types of ships that can be built in the Shipyard are dependent on some of the other buildings on your planet.  The higher the building level the faster ships are produced.  In addition, you may have one ship in your build queue for each level of the shipyard.

See Fleet Actions for major changes regarding ships.

Shipyard build times are reduced by 3% per level of the shipyard.

When a ship is built, the shipyard building increases all of the attributes of the ship by 1% per level of that shipyard.

Note: You must have docks available at your space port in order to build ships. Therefore, even if you have room in your build queue, if you don't have docks at one of your space ports then you will not be allowed to build the ship.

Multiple shipyards operate independently but can use each others build queue. For example: having a level 4 and a level 1 shipyard will allow the level 4 shipyard to have a build queue of 5 ships.



Keywords: Ship Buildings

0Tralala French: "seems a high level shipyard reduce costs (or it it because i also have a high level spaceport?) this needs to be researched and put in the in-game info as well as the wiki."
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