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Singularity Energy Plant

Singularity Energy Plant

The Singularity Energy Plant produces energy by pulling it from subspace with a black-hole-like structure with very intense and dangerous energy.  It is the cleanest and most powerful form of energy in the universe. It is extremely expensive to build and requires a very high level University (15) to construct.

The higher the building level the more energy is produced. However, the subspace black hole can exceed the subspace and pull objects into it if too many come close to each other. Therefore, in order to control the risk of a polyuniversal hazard, all nations in the Expanse have agreed to construct no more than two on any single body and enclose this technology within the Expanse.



Keywords: Energy Buildings

5RainbowFire: "It's so cool + the picture is AWESOME!!!"
5The Vasari: "I can't wait to build this!!"
5The Vasari: "I can build this now, and it's awesome!!"
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