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Spy Changes

Spy Changes


Release Live on November 1.

  • Spies are being limited to 3x Int Min Level.  You will be able to train that many on a planet as well.
  • The most any training can get to is 2600 per disipline.
  • Sabotage Resources may target Excavators or ships on Chain duty.
  • Sabotage Infrastructure had some targetting redone. Will no longer hit Space Station Command or Parliament. (Prevents a lucky spy from blowing up a space station too quickly)   Shutdown more effective with some more targets.
  • Happiness missions against a planet are based on level of spy and level of happiness of planet.  (Some missions have an upper cap though)

Normalization Procedure:

  1. Spies being sorted by training.  Highest trained spies of empire will be kept.  So the total number of an empire will be the sum of all IntMin levels x 3.
  2. Current Prisoners will all be deleted.
  3. Excess Training over 2600, spread to other diciplines of agent. (If spy has > 10400 in training, then bumped over to other agents being kept)
  4. If spy is being kept, but no room in current Int Min, will be reassigned to a different Int Min.
  5. Training of spies that are being culled, will be spread to other agents.
  6. All kept spies will have their mission count dropped to zero.
  7. Reassignment of spies will be to current assigned planet if room, then as room is available.
  8. Spies will be moved to their home planet as a final step.  This will uncover some planets from protection, but no one will be under attack either.


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