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Spy Assignments

Spy Assignments

There are three main categories of assignments or missions for spies.

  • idle
  • defensive
  • offensive
Offensive missions are broken down further into 4 main categories
  • Intel
  • Mayhem
  • Politics
  • Theft
Actual Missions are broken down as follows:
  • Gather Rescource Intelligence
  • Gather Empire Intelligence
  • Gather Operative Intelligence
  • Rescue Comrades
Other Status
  • Idle, while technically also an assignment spies in this status are ready to be given another assignment.  Spies left idle on a non-allied planet for more than 7 days are subject to Security Sweeps.
  • Traveling, Spies in transport are in this status.
  • Infiltrating, Spies after arriving on a target world are in this status usually for at least an hour after arrival, and are also susceptable to Security Sweeps.  The duration of this time can be increased with the glyph building Gratch's Gauntlet.
  • Debriefing, Spies that failed to defend against an attacking agent are sent to debriefing for a duration equal to half the recovery time of the attempted offensive mission.
  • Captured, Spies who fail on missions are sometimes captured and given a 1 weeks prison sentence.  During this sentence the spies may be sold, executed, released, or used in the Gene Lab.  After 1 week the spy will be released onto whatever planet they are currently on at the time.
  • Recovery, After attempting an offensive assignment spies go into recovery for a time depending on their level and the assignment.
  • KIA (Killed in Action), Spies who fail either on offense or on defense are sometimes killed.  After a time they will disappear from the Intelligence Ministry.
  • Retired, After completing 150 Offensive or Defensive missions your spy will thank you for the gold watch and go into retirement, at which point the spy is deleted from your Intelligence Ministry.

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1Kitsune: "The math behind the KIA portion doesn't seem sensible, after some In-Alliance "Training" My spies spies were killed on SecSweeps.. the Available date is set too 2017... WTF?"
0Jazzeroki: "Spies Killed in action will show some odd dates like that and will remain as showing in the Intelligence Mininstry for several hours sometimes.  However within 24 hours the spy should be deleted from the Intelligence Ministry.  If this does not happen contact an admin or post in the support forums."
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