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The stockpile is an advanced building that provides storage while allowing you to build your resource buildings higher than level 20 on the planet that contains the stockpile. For every 3 levels of the stockpile, you can build your resource buildings 1 level higher than 20. With a level 30 University, resource buildings can be further upgraded to level 30.

The stockpile also provides a small amount of storage for each of your resources.

You will need a level 10 Capitol building in order to build a Stockpile. You are only allowed 1 Stockpile building in your Empire and it must be built on the same planet as your Capitol.

Also in order to demolish the Stockpile you must first downgrade any resource buildings that have been upgraded beyond level 15 back down to level 15.  Only your capital planet is allowed to have resource buildings with levels beyond level 15.



Keywords: Water Buildings Storage Buildings Ore Buildings Food Buildings Energy Buildings

0Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Are glyph and storage buildings restrcted under level 15 as well without a stockpile?"
4Blacksilver: "Storage buildings definitely are not limited to level 15; I have many storage buildings over level 15 on planets that do not have a stockpile."
0AW Empire: "And about glyph resourse buildings?"
0Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Can a stockpile be built without a capitol using a plan?"
0Tralala French: "is the city of tyleon limited to 15 without a stockpile and 25 with a maxxed stockpile? I'd like to know *before* I put one down *PLEASE!*"
0Darklord: "The Waste exchanger is limited to the 15 cap the tyleon and glyphs ill find out soon"
0jcheung1: "the glyphs and LCoT are Not limited."
0Lisvenachux Roytulin: "After my stockpile and university have reached level thirty, can I then demolish the stockpile while remaining able to upgrade the resource production structures up to level thirty?"
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