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Subspace Supply Depot

Subspace Supply Depot

The subspace supply depot (SSD) is an amazing technology created by Lacuna Expanse Corp. Only they know exactly how it works, but it enables you to build a fledgling colony much faster than you could on your own.

The tutorial must be completed to receive an SSD. Rarely, a plan for an SSD can be obtained through trade or as compensation from the game administrators.

Before use, you might have to refresh your browser.  If you do not see a "Transmit Resources" tab when you open the building, refresh.


How it works:

If you click on it, you'll get 5 options.

  1. 3600 Water
  2. 3600 ore
  3. 3600 electricity
  4. 3600 food
  5. complete all builds in your build queue.

There are no essentia charges for using the building.

There is a timer on the building counting down from 5 days. When you get resources, it takes away 1 hour. When you complete builds, the build time is deducted from the timer. When timer hits zero, it explodes and produces a crater, and you get a Short Range Colony ship with a speed of 25. The SSD is best not left sitting around.

It is randomly placed on your capitol planet or home world. You may have to zoom out your browser to see it. The SSD takes up a plot but the crater it leaves does not.

Keywords: Construction Buildings Resource Buildings

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