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Subspace Transporter

Subspace Transporter

The Subspace Transporter is a replacement for the Trade Ministry. It allows you to transport items between planets instantly. Its down side is that it requires essentia to pull off that feat.

Any trades older than 72 hours, which have not been accepted will be automatically withdrawn. If you don't have enough space to store your resources and waste you have up for trade then it will overflow. If it's waste then the pollution effects will happen as well. Every hour outdated trades will automatically be withdrawn.

You can only post a number of trades less than or equal to the level of your Trade Ministry or Subspace Transporter. 

The amount a transporter can transmit at one time depends on its level. Every transmission requires two transporters, the sender and the receiver. The amount you can transport is based upon the smaller of the two sides.  Subspace Transporter Level times Trade Affinity time 12,500.

You must have enough room in the SST for the goods you are sending only. Any lost resources from purchases are your problem.

With the transporter you can trade resources on the open market with anyone in the game that also has a transporter. That will cost you 1 essentia to set up the trade, or to accept someone else's trade.  For trades, the level of the SST determines the size for the empire placing the trade.  The buyer is not limited at all.

You can also use the transporter to push resources between your own planets provided that you have transporters on both planets.  This is where the level matters in the amount you can push at a time.  Whichever side has the lower level sets the maximum size of the push.

The transporter also allows trading with the Lacunans. For three Essentia, they will do a one to one conversion of any resource including waste into any other resource.

You get your essentia back if the spy is withdrawn from the market.




Maximum Capacity = SST Level * Trade Stat * 12500

Keywords: Trade Buildings

5herman: "What effect the trade cargo for this building beside the level?"
02112: "Seriously, some of this information is misleading. Anyone can buy any sized trade off of the SST. The size of your SST does not matter if you are buying from another player (it doesn matter if you are buying from the Lacunans). What does matter is the size of your storage capacities. So for example, if I have a trade of 1 million ore listed, and you have a trade stat of 1 and a level 1 SST you can buy it and get it, PROVIDED you have the storage capacity to take the trade. If you do not have the storage capacity all the extra ore will be wasted. If you have questions, write me. -2112."
2Tralala French: ""SERIOUSLY the wiki doesn't state it costs 2 essentia to move stuff between my own colonies... I bought a subspace transporter for 2E and certainly wouldn't have otherwise... what a ripoff. For the record, embassies are better at this being free!

ALSO: you get your E back if you withdraw the trade, or it times out. This is why you see waste posted for 1E. Don't buy that waste unless you want to REALLY piss off a player, LOL"
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