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Temple of the Drajilites

Temple of the Drajilites

It is said that the ancient Drajilite clerics could see the heavens above them through their rituals. Tablets found around the Expanse hint that if one were to uncover the ancient Temple of the Drajilites then one would possess their power.

Rumor has it this building gives you the ability to scan a remote planet (as one would with a Scanner) without being detected.

The scanning range of this building is limited to 10 distance units per level of the Temple. There is no timer or restriction on how long it takes or how many times you want to scan the planets in the system.


You can build a temple by combining in the following order: kerogen, rutile, chromite, and chalcopyrite glyphs in the Archaeology Ministry.


Keywords: Chalcopyrite Chromite Great Race Ruins Kerogen Rutile

0Semimajorium: "interesting...
0Tralala French: "do you need to see the planet (probe style...) before you can scan it?"
0Krijger: "No need to send probes, just enter the name of the star and it will list the planets."
0The Spacing Guild: "Nice.Immune to detonators,increases your memory f star names,and reduce messages from people who sees your probe and messages you "Whats up?" They pile.Tts a pretty good investment.Although not many actions in LE ("thanks" to the older empires....)."
2Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Something to note: If I remembered it correctly, you have to be sure of the body name to scan it. There are several ways to achieve it:
To guess its name through orbit number and star name, if it is in its default name;
To send a probe to the star and uncover its body name;
To check your mailbox records for ships sent from that body, and search for its location;
To own a suitable Oracle of Anid and see the body;
To ask your allies to help search for its name."
0darkstar: "There is a limiting distance to view planets but needs to be checked"
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