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Terraforming Platform

Terraforming Platform

The Terraforming Platform is deployed from a Terraforming Platform Ship.  Once deployed it allows you to inhabit planets that your species couldn't normally survive on.

  • The terraforming platform does not allow you to colonize gas giants.  To colonize gas giants outside your normal range, you need both a terraforming platform and a gas giant settlement platform.
  • Each level of platform provides one usable plot on the target planet.
  • You may send as many platforms as you like to a target planet.
  • Other players (or your other colonies) can send platforms to your planets to assist your growth.
  • Like glyph buildings, while platforms take up a location on the surface, they do not take up a usable plot.
  • Unlike glyph buildings, platforms may be upgraded once deployed.
  • They start at the level of the lab on the planet that sent them plus one, and can be upgraded using resources like regular buildings.
  • They can be built on a planet with a Level 1 Terraforming Lab, shipped in a cargo ship to another planet with a higher level Lab and sent from there.  This allows for cheaper ships with a higher level when they get to the colony.




Upgrade Requirements

  • A sufficient supply of phosphorus from sources like Gypsum, Sulfur, and Monazite.

A Level 1 Terraforming Platform can be constructed in the Archaeology Ministry using methane, zircon, magnetite, and beryl glyphs.


Keywords: Construction Buildings

3Garloo: "The terraforming platform (as well as the gas giant platform) are the only buildings that can go higher than level 30 (1+30)."
1HaseoSkeith8: "Should note that the Terraforming Platform will stop giving you new plots when you reach the number of plots that planet has.  Once you reach the planets plot limit it will no longer give you plots no matter how many times level it up.  Then you will need a Pantheon of Hagness to get more plots."
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