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The Dillon Forge

The Dillon Forge

Thought to be the site where the ancient glyphs were forged from raw ore, and therefore the source of all glyph buildings in the Expanse.

It is a well known fact that the new AI the DeLamberti have access to the forge.

All existing Dillon Forges among players all originated on colonies of the DeLambarti.  Some were captured by player empires before the DeLambarti were reverted back to Isolationist due to some technical issues.

The Dillon Forge has 2 main functions.  Both of which have a cool down timer and a chance of failure.  The cooldown timer can be rushed at a cost of 2 Essentia.

First, it can combine level 1 plans into an upgrade plan for any existing building in the game.  The number of plans consumed by this operation is 2x the level of the upgrade plan being produced.

Note: This is the only method currently available to get a level 30 Lost City of Tyleon, and Space Station plans greater than level 25.  Also while upgrade plans for standard producers like the Algea Cropper could be produced they could not be used to upgrade the building beyond its normally allowed level.

Second, The Dillon Forge can break down a glyph building plan into the glyphs used to make it.  The number of glyphs returned does increase with the base or bonus levels on the plan.  A 1+4 plan will return more glyphs than a 1+1 plan.  A plan like 17+0 would return 17 times the number of glyphs.  The number of glyphs is dependant on the level of the forge.  There is a (100 - level x3)% for each glyph to be lost in the forge.

The Dillon Forge can be found with the following levels:

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
Additional Forge Details:
  • Limited number in game
  • Cannot be demolished
  • Cannot be upgraded
  • Cannot be extracted with Excavators
  • Even if you managed to get a level 1 plan for it you can not build it
  • Can only be destroyed by converting the planet into an asteroid either with a Space Station Hull or a Black Hole Generator
Note: The Dillon Forge is not available in the iPhone Client.


Keywords: Great Race Ruins

5Semimajorium: "I am going to be the first to find one!"
0Lisvenachux Roytulin: "'Going' , or really found one?"
0Semimajorium: "Going! I want one! Don't have one, but want it so bad! (or would it be badly?)How I will get one, i don't know. I can't even make scanners, but i can make snarks. how could i find one? Maybe...(The rest is an alliance secret...)"
5Terran Empire: "THEY HAVE IT! The new AI or the Delamberti have the Dillion Forge the key to all glyphs CHECK IT OUT IT IS IMPOSSIBLY AWESOME!"
5The Vasari: "I wish I could have one if these!!"
3Platypus Empire: "Who wrote this page?"
0The Vasari: "@Platypus Empire, The Delambert's god and creator, icydee!"
0ore swappers: "It can only do one operation at a time, whether it's a merge or a breakdown into glyphs, and it can break a level 1 plan into glyphs in 1 hour (or a 1+1 in 3... or a 1+2 in 6... it's like 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 for a 1+9 plan). By setting a script to process level 1 plans who are rather useless but break down into decent glyphs, someone could make a decent E income. (also there is a failure rate, but some level 1 plans are SO CHEAP you don't have to care). The forge level 30 is the only known way to make tyleon plans level 30 and the ridiculous number of level 1 plans it takes makes it a dreadfully rare option."
4vaelxon: "I wonder if it turns GG or terra plat plans into glyphs"
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