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The Great Race

The Great Race

(Note: this page is still in revision)

Millions of years ago, The Great Race and their civilisation arrived in the Expanse. Since then, their legend came upon every single body in our universe. They were the father of the Expanse. They too, came due to a reason similar to ours. Their home planet was on the verge of destruction. When their first colony ship reached their new home they started to understand the vastness of space by looking through unique telescopes which is now called Massad's Henge. They took interest, and that set an everlasting spark.

They colonized countless bodies, maybe every single one in the Expanse. They created amazing libraries, did research inferior to our understanding, and discovered awe-breaking secrets about the Expanse. 

However, their grand mircales ended mysteriously. They vanished. Ironically, not much was known about them. They were so unknown, that no one could ever identify their name. Thus they are called The Great Race.

If lucky, someone may come across the powerful riuns and left-behinds that once belonged to the supreme Great Race. If one does come across one of these strange yet formidable artifacts, it should be their responisibilty to keep it in good condition and away from hostile powers and threats. The power of The Great Race, is indeed sacred.

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