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Trade Ministry

Trade Ministry

The Trade Ministry allows access to the interstellar market.  Through it you can set up trades for resources, glyphs, plans, ships, and prisoners with other empires.  It also allows for pushing resources, glyphs, plans, ships, and prisoners between your own colonies. The newest features also allow for the automated pushing of resources to other bodies via the Supply Chain, and the removal of waste using the Waste Chain.  The effectiveness of each of these chains is reduced if the efficiency of the Trade Ministry is reduced.

Any trades older than 72 hours, which have not been accepted will be automatically withdrawn. If you don't have enough space to store your resources and waste you have up for trade then it will overflow. If it's waste then the pollution effects will happen as well. Every hour outdated trades will automatically be withdrawn.

You can only post a number of trades less than or equal to the level of your Trade Ministry or Subspace Transporter

Your trades can be accepted by anyone within a certain distance and the distance is determined by the level of your Trade Ministry. Distance = level x 20 (giving a distance of 600 for a level 30 Trade Ministry). However, all Trade Ministries can trade at least 200 units giving even a level 1 Trade Ministry a similar range to the old method of only allowing trades in the same zone.

The level of the Trade Ministry of the person accepting your trade has no effect on the distance you can trade.

Upgrading your Trade Ministry also increases the cargo hold (carrying capacity) of your ships by multipliying it with <new Trading Ministry level> / <Trading Ministry level> (eg lvl 1-> 2 doubles cargo hold, lvl 2-> 3 increases cargo hold by 50%, etc.), this also includes Scows. All ships built at the shipyard on this planet will receive the increase. Existing ships are not retrofitted, they will need to be scuttled and rebuilt.  All ships affected by this increase will have a slightly increased cost to build.

It allows for the construction of the following ships at the shipyard:

In order to offer a trade, you must have a ship large enough to accommodate the goods you are offering, but not necessarily those you are asking.  For example, if you have a Dory with a hold size of 2000, you can offer 2000 food in exchange for 0.2 essentia.  However, you could not offer 2500 food in exchange for 0.2 essentia, since 2500 is greater than your ship's hold size.

When offering ships, you must have another ship with at least 50,000 hold size in order to offer your ship for trade.  All ships are considered to be the same size for purposes of trade: 50,000 units.

A purchased ship retains the same stats as when it was built.  So if you buy a level 12 Cargo ship, but you only have a level 9 Trade Ministry, the Cargo ship you purchase will still have the cargo capacity of a level 12 ship.

In addition to trade with other players, this building can be used to send cargo ships full of items to your other colonies so that your more developed colonies can help the less developed ones grow faster. This is done using the "Push" tab.



Bug Note: Renamed ships with punctuation in their names might not allow you to post them in a trade.  If this occurs just rename the ship removing the punctuation and the ship should be able to be added after that.

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