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First of all, homage must be payed to user Mindtheft, who created this tool back in US2 server days.  All I did was modify it to regain basic functionality on US1.  

To use the tool simply:

1) unpack the zip file and open lacuna.htm in your browser.  

2) log in with your sitter

Most of the functionality either doesn't work or is buggy.  However, it still makes certain tasks easier such as:

  • Running all your spies (if you have too many do this in chunks otherwise there will be RPC issues)
  • building ships (again be conscious of RPC)
  • sending huge fleets (armada)
Regarding the captcha that comes up.  It freaks out a bit but once it settles on a graphic enter the answer, click submit, then you have to click cancel to return to the send fleets dialogue.  
If anyone has some mad java skills it would be great to see other features of this tool enabled.  Such as mail and other things that the server will allow (auto-respy will never work unless the captcha is removed.)

Keywords: tools clients

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