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Waste Chain

Waste Chain

Waste Chains allow you to automate the removal of waste from your colony and dump it into your local star.

Every colony is automatically given a Waste Chain, but you need to specify how much waste per hour to transfer and allocate ships to transport it, before it becomes fully operational.

The Waste Chain can be found in the 'Waste Chain' tab of the Trade Ministry.

To set up your Waste Chain you need to do the following.

  • Specify how much Waste Per Hour to transport. Either enter the value manually and click the 'Update' button, or click on the 'Add Current Waste Production to Chain' button.
  • Click on the 'Add To Chain' button alongside ships that you want to add to the Waste Chain function.
A few things to note.
  • If you don't have any Docked scows (or the one's you have have too high a berth level for your space ports) then you won't see any ships in the list. You may have to build more ships.
  • The 'Percent Transferred' is the amount of Waste you are able to transfer with the ships you have allocated to the task.
  • If 'Percent Transferred' is below 100% then you need to add more ships to the task.
  • If 'Percent Transferred' is above 100% then you have more ship capacity than you need, some ships may be idle or only partially loaded. You may be able to remove some ships from the task.
  • If you remove x waste/hr in a waste chain, your net waste production/hr on your colony will reduce by the same amount.
  • You can make your net waste/hr on your colony negative and this will reduce the amount of stored waste. Be careful, if your waste reaches zero it may result in damage to your waste processing buildings.
  • If the net waste/hr is negative and you have no stored waste, it will cost happiness at the same rate.

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