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Waste Exchanger

Waste Exchanger

The Waste Exchanger is a combination of a waste recycling center, waste sequestration well, and a waste treatment center. It tears apart waste at a molecular level and recombines it into useful resources.

This building consumes waste per hour, produces water, ore, and energy; it can recycle large batches of waste in that can also be rushed to completion for a cost of 2 Essentia; and it provides a token amount of waste storage. 


Requires level 22 university.

Limit 2 per planet.

Playing Note: This building has long upgrade times (30 second base upgrade time.)  Also this building does not provide enough storage to replace the Waste Sequestration Well.  Its production and waste consumption capacity far exceed that of the other two waste buildings it was designed to replace.

Keywords: Energy Buildings Ore Buildings Storage Buildings Waste Buildings Water Buildings

0Tralala French: "One of the best thing to buy with E if you have trouble managing waste on a new gas giant colony."
5RainbowFire: "My favorite building!!! Looks AWESOME!!!"
0Darklord: "it needs a stockpile to go past lvl 15"
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